Energy Consultants hold the key to releasing £millions worth of savings and refunds on water bills claim H2O Building Services

H2O Building Services claims many energy management consultants and energy brokers have literally many £millions worth of water and waste water savings and refunds due to water companies overcharging locked in their client portfolios.


Why is this? – Because they retain expertise in their chosen skill set which is Energy, Gas and Power, whether its energy procurement, energy monitoring, energy reduction through engineering and consultancy services.

The vast number of energy firms are focused on their key revenue streams letting water, waste water and trade effluent cost reduction fall by the wayside.


Take water and waste water procurement and switching water supplier. Does the energy consultancy spend time on energy projects where there is apparently more profit or simply dabble in water and waste water?


Reducing water, waste water and trade effluent costs by applying engineering and consultancy techniques is a highly skilled job and there are a great many facets to the water industry including switching water supplier or water and waste water procurement, its a skill in proportion to the energy industry that not many possess.


Clients have very substantial revenue in the form of forward savings and refunds due to historical water billing errors which can go back 13 years or more so water and waste water cost reduction is something all energy brokers should be carrying out for their clients.


Take it from me says Graham Mann of water consultants H2O Building Services: –


“I have seen some very serious billing errors very recently as an energy consultancy is providing a water bill validation service to a £7 million water and waste water spend client and only 10% of the water bills are correct and the rest are overcharged and undercharged in equal measure 3 years bill validation and they have not sorted the issues!

Then I am often asked why over the years H2O Building Services has never offered energy bill validation and procurement services, for the very reason that £million worth of water savings and refunds are locked in with energy consultancies we would be in the same position with energy as we simply do not possess  high enough skill set or expertise to maximise the savings and provide 1st class support.

Is this a direct criticism of the energy consultancy market you may think? – Absolutely not, as the purpose of this content is to inform and educate”


So what is the answer?


Partner with a team of water audit experts that possess knowledge and expertise in all areas of the water and waste water industry, then the energy consultancy will be secure in the knowledge that there new and existing clients will be taken care of and fully supported in helping their clients drive down their water and waste water costs.

Energy consultants owe it to their clients to maximise savings on energy and water and ensure their billing going forwards is correct.


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