H20 Building Services wish all our clients, those we have yet to meet and all Linkedin members a Happy Christmas 2018.

H20 Building Services wishes their clients, suppliers and all that take the time to read our news blog a Happy Christmas


For the team here at H20 Building Services it has been a very challenging year.


Since water market deregulation in April 2017 allowing all businesses and organisations to switch water supplier for a better deal in terms of discounts on water and waste water services we have seen an unprecedented increase in the administration required for the water bill validation part of the business.


To say it was and is still challenging is really an understatement.


Incorrect water and waste water billing, trade effluent billing which is non existent and anything up to an hour on hold waiting for customer services to pick up the phone.


No client water bills for nearly a year.


Billing queries and cases of overcharging taking 6 – 9 months to resolve and it goes on.


Although some water retail companies have improved in leaps and bounds, Castle Water for instance, they listened, they took notice and took action and a vast improvement is plainly evident.


Whilst some other water retailers are still struggling with billing errors and customer service, but we are hopefully and upbeat vast improvements will be made during 2019.


Growth plans are now firmly on track with all projects we pitched for secured and up and running with one potential project outstanding which we hope we will be awarded prior to the Christmas break – 3 days to go which would be a great way to end 2018!


We now have other projects in the pipeline which will contribute to our accelerated growth and we are already recruiting for new team members to join us on our exciting journey to become the largest water management consultancy  in the UK and passing on our knowledge and expertise to the additional team members to help drive the business forwards to the next stage of our growth.


On behalf of my team here at H20 Building Services a big thank you to all of our clients and suppliers for supporting us during 2018 and a big thank you to all of you that take the time to read our news, views, comments and case studies on our news blog.


Happy Christmas.