New Pipeline Portal Set To Revolutionise The Water Industry

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A new pipeline portal has been created that is set to revolutionise the water industry, a global solution that can be serviced and maintained without having to dig up roads or shut down pipelines, saving businesses tens of millions of pounds each year and preventing major work-related disruption.


The iVAPPS invention is due to be launched into the global market in 2021, with trials now underway in both Europe and the Middle East, the Rhyl Journal reports.


It features a smart cartridge valve and inflow technology sensors, meaning that pipelines can be digitised, able to control and monitor water temperature, pressure, flow, quality and turbidity, so that users can better identify and resolve problems like leakage, burst pipes and contamination.


Being able to detect leaks and arrange for repairs in a timely fashion is particularly important in the UK, with more than three billion litres of water wasted in this way every day.


The portal solution features artificial intelligence capabilities that mean jobs can be done without having to shut down pipelines or carry out excavation work. Once installed, future sensor technologies can be upgraded within minutes and then reused again.


National business manager for the UK and Europe Nigel Roberts was quoted by the news source as saying: “The response and support we’ve had has been very positive, from water companies to governments and large manufacturing organisations across the UK and Europe.


“They and the industry in general now accept that digitisation of the pipeline networks is critical for their future sustainability.”


He went on to say that we now have the technology to eliminate the problem of leakage, delivering benefits to both the water industry and the environment through the development of a futureproof network that will serve generations to come.


Businesses can also do a lot now to reduce the amount of water being wasted through leaks by enlisting the help of water leak detection services to carry out a site survey and see if there are any problems onsite.


Because the majority of pipes in a property are either hidden inside the walls or under the flooring, leaks can lead to massive problems. Seeping water can cause everything from mould growth to structural damage, so it’s important that leaks are discovered quickly and dealt with in a timely manner.


Repair costs can also be quite high if you fail to address leakage issues at your place of business. If leaks are identified straightaway, the damage sustained will be minimal, so you can keep your repair bills under control. But if leaks are left for a significant amount of time, serious structural damage can be the result… which can be expensive to sort out.


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