Don’t miss it ! @ 2pm today the last H2O Live on LinkedIn of 2019 with special guests discussing bill validation.

H2O Live on LinkedIn


H2O Live on LinkedIn is the water and waste water industry show discussing all things water and waste water, and we have invited water industry guests on the show discussing a wide range of subjects.


In the past we have evaluated a unique waste water meter, why pay for waste water charges based on water industry estimates when you can pay for the waste water you actually discharge?

Saving £1,000’s on waste water charges.


We have released case study details of a selection of our water audits and claims for refunds due to historical water bill overcharges.


All previous water industry podcasts with Graham Mann can be viewed on our website.


In our final episode of 2019 this week we focus on water bill validation.


Opening the show I will give you an insight into 2 extensive and detailed case studies, the savings, refunds and cost avoidence numbers are astounding!


I will also release details of the specific and recorded details of the water and waste water bills captured and identified as incorrect and not authorized for payment by our bill validation team.


This is a real insight into the “behind the scenes” bill validation work our team of experts carry out on behalf of customers on a daily basis here at H2O Building Services.


Tens of thousands of customers will be unknowingly paying water, waste water and trade effluent bills that are not correctly charged.


But, identifying incorrect water bills is not the only function of bill validation.


As we here at H2O go much much further then just “bill checking”.


Find out more today and please fire in your questions there will be 3 industry experts on air ready to take your questions.


But before I go, utility industry figures estimate that water bills, gas bills and electricity bills contain errors of 3 percent to 5 percent by value of overcharging and with ever more complex contracts this looks set to continue.

Especially since the water industry was deregulated in April 2017 allowing none residential customers to switch water supplier as incorrect charges on water and waste water bills have gone “off the scale”!.


We are actively encouraging the water retailers to work with us as we can apply our knowledge and expertise in providing water audit reports for their customers by partnering with us.


We can identify refunds and savings for their customers, adding value to their business and correcting water bills.


In support of our show today it is my great pleasure to introduce our special guests Steve Kemp, Business Development Director of Optima Energy Systems who has worked within the utilities market for nearly 20 years, and Jesse Fox, Account Manager of Optima Energy Systems, he has also worked in the utilities market for 10 years.


Send your questions before the show to [email protected] or in the comments box during the broadcast.


See you there!