Water expert Graham Mann of H²O Building Services to join the All Party Parliamentary Water Group the APPWG.

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

What is the APPWG?

The All Party Parliamentary Water Group brings together Parliamentarians and stakeholders from across the water sector in order to create a forum for discussion and debate on water industry policy.

The group originally set up in 2005 has continued providing a valuable forum to discuss topical water issues. It was reconstituted following the general election in 2010 and the current officers of the group have maintained a strong focus on the relationship of the water sector to constituents.

The current officers of the APPWG are: –

  • Anne McIntosh MP, Chair.
  • Nia Griffith MP, Vice Chair.
  • The Earl of Selborne GBE FRS, Treasurer

The purpose of the group: – To provide a focus for members to monitor government and regulatory policy and maintain a dialogue with consumers and those with an interest or a duty in relation to the environment and the water industry.

Who are H²O Building Services: – H²0 are a small successful multi-disciplined expert water consultancy trading over 15 years, focused on reducing businesses water costs, serving clients on a nationwide basis from an initial desktop water audit report which provides the client with an indication of the potential water savings and rebates due to water company overcharges, through to installation and consultancy services in order to realise the savings and rebates.

Graham Mann who heads up the firm has been at the forefront of the water cost reduction industry for 30 years and has gained a wealth of experience and expertise during that time and has an enviable track record of producing some of the most impressive savings and rebates to date within the water industry. He is supported by his team who have acted for many well-known businesses such as: –

  • Electrolux – Asda – Somerfield – Royal Mail – Jewson St Gobain – The Prison Service – McDonalds – Pizza Hut – Thornton’s – Wolseley UK Ltd – And many more.

Recently Graham negotiated a refund due to a historical billing error by Thames Water, the refund of over £ 69,000 was due to Thames Water overcharging for 12 years which is a landmark case within the water industry.

Graham Mann says “In terms of rebate values this is not the largest, over the last few months this was £ 242,000 for a single site in the Midlands where Severn Trent Water overcharged the business during 2000 – 2004.

I have to say both Thames Water and Severn Trent Water have to be congratulated, both are  landmark cases.

For years water companies have resisted refunding clients overcharges which in a large proportion of cases range from £ 1,000 to over £ 500,000 some water companies will only refund back to April 1st of the year the claim is made, others a maximum of 6 years.

My view is in all cases if any of the water companies overcharge and a claim is made all monies should be refunded plus interest and costs, as at the moment if a water company refuses to refund there is no organisation within the water industry who has the authority to impose a ruling to force the water company to comply and refund the overcharges and the water companies know this and  in my opinion take advantage of the situation, hiding behind their scheme of charges approved by the regulator OFWAT. I am however determined to influence change in many key areas of the water industry by joining the APPWG and at the top of my agenda will be the need for a water ombudsman.

By joining the APPWG I will: –

  • Have the ability to influence the group’s programme of work in conjunction with the Parliamentary officers.
  • Attend group meetings which are limited to Parliamentarians and sponsors such as private roundtable events in Westminster
  • To engage with key decision makers and influence in Westminster and Whitehall.

Exciting times are indeed ahead.