Independent expert advice is key to ensuring you deliver maximum benefits from the English Water Retail Market

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The absolute key to delivering maximum financial benefits from the deregulated English Water Retail Market is to obtain the guidance and expertise of an independent water audit expert. Free from influence, guidance or the control of another or others, self reliant with an independent mind.


Indeed some large companies have already apparently set a precedent for others to follow.

I truly hope not as in fact I believe this will not be the best possible value deal. Had the companies taken independent expert advice their decisions would be entirely different and would deliver considerably more in terms of forward water and waste water savings and service.


In other instances I have seen a few large companies announce switching deals and by my estimation the savings are £500,000 short annually – a quite staggering shortfall.


Another instance of poor advice was a national residential care home business that had switched water supplier on the advice of an energy consultancy firm 2.5 years ago and a recent water audit by our team at H20 Building Services revealed a £23,000 overcharge on one site and a further incorrect charge of £12,000 a year on another, the previous discount on the portfolio was at least 3% short. So over the contract period the monetary shortfall was £40,000 making a total loss to the client of £72,000.


So please consult “The water audit experts”