Water Consultants H20 Building Services kicks off national campaign to identify large water users for “off grid water supplies”

Water costs have been thrust into the spotlight since the water supply market was deregulated in April 2017.


That coupled with the recent hot spell with water awareness campaigns being run by some water companies as water supplies in some areas of the UK dwindle, large water uses are being urged to seek alternative water sources.

The message from H20 Building Services is “free your business from the shackles of a regulated water supply”  such as an “off grid water supply” rather than taking large quantities of water from the traditional regulated water company and using much needed water stocks.


Water management consultants H20 Building Services are advising larger water users to seek alternative sources of water and consider an “off grid water supply” which will ease the pressure off water supply company stocks and reduce the companies water supply costs by at least 35%.

Take a more environmentally friendly approach to water supplies and sustainability going forwards.


So what is a “off grid water supply”?


An off grid water supply is water taken from underground natural water sources and not from the traditional regulated water supply company. Though it may still be advisable to stay connected to the water companies supply the bulk of the water used on site could be supplied from underground water sources which is exactly where the traditional water companies obtain the water from.


So why pay more for your water than you need?


H20 Building Services are offering an “off grid water supply” feasibility study in order to determine the potential for an “off grid water supply”, the initial details required would be: –


Site location.

Annual water volumes and costs per cubic metre.

A brief description of what the bulk of the water is used for.

Copies of the last 3 months water and waste water bills.

And that’s all! 


Our water resources team will then input the relevant data and search their records of over a staggering 25,000 water source locations containing a staggering 5 billion cubic metres of water and report back as to whether the business qualifies for the “off grid water supply” option.

The process only takes a day or so and is at no cost to your business.


If your business does qualify for an “off grid water supply” the appointed water supply partners Alternative Water Company UK Ltd will meet with your business to discuss the new water supply project in more detail.


So why not call 0845 658 0948 or email and take your free “off grid water supply” feasibility study and free your business from the shackles of a regulated water supply!