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podcastwithgrahammann - H2O Building Services


The Senior Partner Graham Mann of Water Consultants H2O Building Services launched a series of audio and visual podcasts a few months ago to inform, educate and advise on all things water, waste water and trade effluent.


To date podcastwithGrahamMann have covered subjects such as : –


How to reduce your waste water and trade effluent charges.

A unique waste water meter that accurately measures the waste water volumes that are discharged to the water company sewers which will potentially reduce the waste water charges for 1,000’s of customers.


My guest Dominic O’Brien discussing the synergies between energy and water management.

The synergies between energy management and water management are obvious as they all contribute to our carbon footprint.


We discuss the water retail market and switching water supplier.

A great discussion, 2 water industry experts in one podcast, what could go wrong? Graham Mann and Nick Butt, Head of Water at Yu Energy Group

Both Graham and Nick between them could resolve the issues and challenges in the water industry for sure!


There are 9 podcastwithGrahamMann to date with many more planned.


The next subject for discussion is a guest to talk about water hygiene, which is sometimes forgotten on commercial sites with potentially serious consequences.


We will be discussing a unique water bacterial testing device saving time and money on periodic legionella testing – a must see for site managers responsible for site health and safety and legionella testing


Another scheduled guest and subject for discussion is a unique water saving shower.

A subject Graham Mann has many years of experience of having fitted out numerous pool and leisure companies with water saving showers over the years with saving of over £1 million on water and waste water charges alone, excluding the savings on energy for heating and distributing the hot water.


This new and unique device will be presented by a guest who is the inventor of the device which will also be scrutinised by Graham Mann.


This shower takes one giant leap in reducing water used in both commercial and residential showers.


If you have any questions you would like to submit on these or any subject aired on the podcastwithGrahamMann for coverage on future podcasts, or indeed any water, waste water subject matter you would like discussed including key questions or apply to feature as a guest then please email