Water self-supply – will it work for you, take impartial independent advice.

In recent years, the Scottish water market became deregulated, so business customers can switch water supplier in order to get a better deal on their water bills. Now the water industry in England is also deregulated, allowing businesses more choice in suppliers and better deals.


What you may not know is that more savings can be made by buying water-supply services direct from the  wholesale water market.


Called ‘water self-supply’, it cuts out the water retailer’s margin.

The scheme is open to all business customers and could potentially reduce your water and waste-water charges considerably!


So how does it work? 


Well, to self-supply your water retail services you’ll need a licence. This enables you to buy at a ‘protected’ wholesale price, which all water retailers pay. While you’ll no longer receive water retail services such as ‘billing’ or ‘customer-service’, you will be able to:


  • Receive your water supply and waste-water removal services from the water-company in your region at wholesale prices
  • Supply water services to your own premises and across multiple sites
  • Provide retail services yourself, or contract to a third party


While there are huge financial benefits, water self-supply is not for everyone. That’s why “The Water Audit Experts” provide an initial free, no-obligation self-supply appraisal. Incorporating our total water-management service will also facilitate your self-supply application and offers ongoing water-management support.


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