Industry leading “water cost reduction” firm H²0 Building Services pitches for water projects with combined spend of £55 million.

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

Industry leading water cost reduction firm H²O Building Services are reporting a substantial increase in approaches from companies seeking water consultancy experts to work with them to reduce water costs, 7 large companies with a combined water and waste water spend of £55 million are in talks to tap into H²O’s vast industry knowledge and expertise which is clearly evident from their existing enviable client base and details of numerous successful projects detailed on their blog. This is a rich source of information containing details on water leak detection and water leak repair projects, with photos and data which reveals the importance of monitoring water consumption and also the importance of historical water auditing as there are numerous cases of incorrect billing and quite staggering overcharging by many water companies.

H²O have recently won two water projects with combined client spends on water and waste water bill in excess of £ 10 million, one retail company with 800 sites and a leading leisure company with 50 plus sites, the firm is leading the way in produce service innovation, service delivery the expertise is second to none.

The most notable case during 2013 was a 12 years overcharge case won against Thames Water settling on a cheque for £ 69,000, Thames Water should be congratulated for “doing the right thing” many water companies admit overcharging but do not refund beyond 6 years hiding behind “the statute of limitations” and secure in the knowledge the “Consumer Council for Water” is powerless to force the water companies to pay up in the event of overcharging.

Senior Water Consultant Graham Mann who heads up H²O says “We are very much looking forward to this year as we have launched a new innovative on line service product, and we are making some very exiting changes to our website and stepping up our P.R  campaign to further strengthen our message within the market place. In particular posting stories on our news blog, not just saying we saved a client £ 50,000 but detailed case studies of the project process and how we achieved the savings for our clients. It is all about the client engagement, it adds credibility. Take for example our client Electrolux, we simply did not report a water cost avoidance of £ 1.4 million we detailed the project and process and exactly how we achieved the results with the back up data and pictures in an easy to read format so people can learn from our experiences and become more involved. Openness and transparency is vital in order to gain potential client trust and buy in to your service offering”

Quality, service, value and delivery that’s what we are about.