The water audit experts H²0 Building Services trace and repair water leaks saving £18,000 a year – case study.

By Water Audit Expert – Graham Mann.

With a turnover of £2.4 billion automotive retail and distribution group Lookers Plc appointed the water audit experts H²O Building Services to provide water bill validation and bureau service incorporating pro-active water cost reduction across the national portfolio. Having diverted all water and waste water bills to the H²O central water bureau the water audit team set about compiling a water database by inputting historical and up to date water and waste water billing data taken from water bills, once this was completed a detailed site water audit was implemented.

One of the sites in Birmingham threw up an exception report due to the water consumption being well above benchmark for the water facilities at the site. H²O recommended the installation of a remote water flow data logger to the main water company water meter. Approval was given for H²O to carry out water leak detection to underground water leaks which were detected.

One underground water leak was found on the wash valet point, this was then repaired.

Water leak on wash water valet point













Another leak was located underground feeding another wash water point and toilet facilities, this water leak was caused by a crushed plastic water pipe.

Underground water leakCrushed plastic water pipe.













The system when fitted to the water meter is calibrated to receive data and send it to a website via the mobile phone network, the daily and overnight water flow profiles are monitored and a water flow graph is produced resulting in an visual flow profile of water usage during the day and overnight. In this instance the water flow data graph indicated a water leak of 0.602 cubic metres and hour which equated to 5,273 cubic metres per year which is over 1.2 million gallons. The cost to the business was £ 18,000 per year.

The overnight continual water flow can be clearly seen on the water flow data logging graphs with the first being before the leaks were fixed, the second graph after they were fixed.

Water flow data graph before repairs

Water flow graph after repairs

The water data flow logger will remain in situ in order to ensure any future leakage is identified within hours as the software will be pre-programmed to send a water leak alert to the water bureau team for action.

The resulting savings in water and waste water costs going forwards £18,000 per year.