Water audit experts H²O Building Services commission designers for rebrand

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

Recognising the need to stay ahead of the competition, water audit experts H²O Building Services have commissioned a local expert design studio. The brief is to carry forward and strengthen the brand and by designing a new logo using small  elements of the existing logo and taking the logo to the next level.

When the new brand image has been completed and signed off a new website will be designed incorporating the new brand image, this is an integral element of our expansion programme. Our new logo and brand has to convey a strong message and in-still trust and confidence, and look professional. All too often we can get attached to a logo and an image and certainly after 17 years of the same logo it is well overdue for a change. Although in this case as our logo is easily recognisable and trusted throughout the water industry we felt it more appropriate to modernise the existing logo and strengthen the image rather than a complete change entirely.

Our design consultants are well underway with incorporating the new branded logo into a new website which will be fully compatible with both mobile phone and tablet as more and more people are searching the internet on mobile devices. We must ensure we take full advantage of future changes in business as getting left behind is not an option for H²O.

We must be out there leading the water industry not replicating what our competitors are doing,  raising the profile of the water industry is another key element of our planned expansion. Such as a recent BBC Inside Out programme to which yours truly features as the BBC “Water Leak Detective”, which was the BBC’s idea not mine but great fun non the less and further media coverage on recent BBC local radio which all helps in raising the profile of the water industry and that of H²O Building Services. Watch this space there may be other water programmes in the future.