Water experts identify £49,000 refund for a school in Glasgow.

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

Working as outsourced water experts for an energy consultancy, H²O Building Services were supplied copies of the last 6 months water bills in order to complete a desktop water audit which revealed a potential annual saving of £ 11,000 and a refund of £49,000 as the school was billed for property drainage based on rateable value for the collection and disposal of rainwater.

H²O surveyors completed a site survey and submitted a drawing for approval by the water company.

Site drawing submitted to Business Stream for surface water claim 

The application was checked by the water company and approved resulting in a refund cheque for £49,075.55.

£49,000 refund cheque due to overcharges by Business Stream

Clearly demonstrating that it pays to commission water experts to check your water bills.