“Heads up” – 1,000s of customers in Wales should not be paying surface water charges on water bills – here’s why!.

Surface water charges - H2O Building Services


What are surface water charges ?


Surface water is rainwater that falls onto your property and drains into the public sewer.


In Wales Dwr Cynru Welsh Water charge their customers for the cost of removing and treating the surface water they receive. The surface water charges are hidden into the waste water charges.


Most rain water or surface water falling onto properties drains into the public sewers that are owned and maintained by the ten water and sewerage wholesalers in England and Wales.


The water and waste water companies that are responsible for removing and processing this rainwater collect a staggering £1 billion every year for this service.

We now know £millions is owned back to customers in over charges.


Our water audit experts at H2O Building Services over the last 12 months have completed a surface water study covering 1,000’s of properties both in the public and private sector in Wales and have identified 1,000’s of sites which should not be paying surface water charges in Wales full stop!


Refunds and annual savings range from £1,000, £5,000 and up to £150,000!


In the light of this huge opportunity H2O Building Services is reaching out to all those consultancy companies in the gas, power and water sectors whether public sector or private sector who have clients with sites in Wales. This is your opportunity to reduce your clients surface water charges built into the waste water charges costs.


How far would the surface water charges rebates be backdated ?


In our experience years !


Find out whether your business is being charged for surface water charges and are due reduced charges going forwards and a surface water rebate going back years!


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