Were You Inspired By World Water Day?

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World Water Day took place late last week (March 22nd), with this year’s theme looking into water and climate change, and how the two are inextricably linked – and it could be just the inspiration you’ve needed to start looking into sustainable water development strategies at your place of business.


Those behind the campaign stress that climate delay is nearly as dangerous as climate denial itself and every nation around the world must now work more quickly in order to put water in the very centre of their action plans.


Water is becoming increasingly scarce around the world, as well as more unpredictable and more polluted, because of extreme weather events.


As such, it’s essential that policymakers’ action plans to deal with climate change issues head on are now integrated across the different sectors and aligned across borders, with safe and sustainable water management the main focus for all.


Don’t forget that people need water to survive, yes, but we also need it to operate all the systems we’ve come to rely so heavily on – healthcare, sanitation, business, education and industry.


As population numbers around the world increase, the demand for water will also rise – and this will see natural resources seriously depleted and the environment damaged in many places globally.


There are solutions, however, such as implementing climate-smart agricultural techniques, protecting carbon sinks like wetlands and oceans, and increasing the safe reuse of wastewater.


You certainly aren’t alone if you view climate change and global warming as daunting and scary. Antonio Guterres, United Nations secretary-general, has said, however: “Warnings are necessary. But fear will not get the job done.”


Businesses in the UK and beyond can take this message to heart right now and start looking at ways in which they can improve their own water footprint and start protecting this precious resource of ours for future generations.


You could start saving water on site by having a water audit carried out, which will show you any spikes in usage or your bills, which could indicate that you have a leak somewhere on site. Billions of litres of water are lost through leakage every day in England, so plugging yours – if you have any – could really prove beneficial… and save you money in the long run as well.


Also think about looking into water monitoring, where remote monitoring equipment is installed on site so we can track your water flow hourly for ten years. Doing this means we’re able to maximise efficiency and identify any leaks immediately, which could save you thousands of pounds over the years.


Trying to find ways in which you can reduce your reliance on mains water can also prove useful, such as rainwater harvesting or seeing how you could use your greywater more effectively (water that has been lightly contaminated through the use of showers, washing machines and so on).


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