CCWater To Help Northern Businesses Shop For Better Water Deals

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The water watchdog, the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater), is due to meet in Huddersfield on May 24th to challenge water retailers and the industry as a whole to help businesses in the north take advantage of the best water deals that are available.


It’s been just over a year since the retail water market opened in England and now CCWater is taking steps to help small Yorkshire-based businesses understand the market and its benefits better.


The meeting is set to consider how well water companies handled the disruption to water supplies as a result of the freezing weather the country saw back in March. Members of the public will also be given the opportunity to ask questions and make comments on issues such as this, as well as anything to do with water and sewerage services.


Chair of CCWater’s Northern Committee Robert Light said: “The meeting is an important opportunity for the industry to come together and reflect on what has worked well, and how we can raise awareness of the market among small businesses. For businesses it’s an opportunity to highlight their own experiences of the water market and raise any concerns they might have.”


The meeting comes after the watchdog published an in-depth study into experiences of the England retail water market thus far. The survey found that there was in fact low awareness of the market and possible benefits of switching among small to medium-sized enterprises.


It was also revealed SMEs need more convincing that competition does yield benefits for them, telling the watchdog that saving money would be their main motivation for renegotiating better deals or switching suppliers. And they would expect to do this through a range of services, which would include water efficiency measures, bundled utility services and online account management.


But it was noted that smaller businesses have been hindered by an apparent lack of information and interest from retailers, and that it was expected that a price comparison site be set up to make it easier to shop for different deals.


Before the old regionalised market in England was deregulated, the majority of companies had no choice but to have their water supplied by their local company. But now, water supply in England has been brought into line with Scotland, which first opened its retail market back in 2008.


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