Anglian Water Hit With Sewage Pollution Fine

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News that Anglian Water has been hit with a fine of more than £156,000 for polluting Grendon Brook in Northamptonshire with sewage could be the inspiration you need to switch water supplier and find one that meets your particular needs more effectively.


The incident took place over the course of two days in August 2016, with at least a kilometre and a half of the waterway affected. Environment Agency officers carried out tests and found that levels of ammonia were 20 times higher downstream, which is sufficient to be extremely toxic to aquatic life.


The water supplier was fined £146,000 and ordered to pay £10,676 in costs after negligence and lack of maintenance was found to be behind numerous failures at the Yardley Hastings sewage plant.


Failures included air-locked pumps that had stopped working, which saw sewage back up in the storage tank. This then filled and was discharged into the brook. Alarms should have alerted the company to the issue but these failed to sound.


The incident itself was reported on August 24th but no action was taken and the water supplier had no record in place to show a report had been written up. The pollution then carried on intermittently for two days until it was spotted and stopped on August 26th but this could have been achieved earlier if reports had been acted on.


Senior environment officer Adam Glassford said: “Earlier this year, we pledged a tougher approach towards water companies that don’t live up to their environmental responsibilities, and this case proves that we will hold them to account when they pollute the natural environment.


“It’s our job as a regulator to protect people and wildlife, and we will take action when they’re put at risk.”


If you’re unhappy with the service you’re receiving from your current supplier and think you could save money by seeking better rates elsewhere, you can always move to a different company and see if that makes a difference.


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