The English Water Retail Market is hotting up according to The Alternative Water Company Ltd

The English water retail market is definitely hotting up accordingly to a brand new water supply company The Alternative Water Company Ltd.


The English water retail market formally opens in England April 2017, this is the date which businesses will be able to switch water supplier in an effort to obtain a more competitive price for the water supply contract. What this means is that businesses will be able to shop around for the best deal, rather than simply staying with their incumbent water supplier.


What does this mean for the business customer?

Well early indications are in terms of discounts not much really, discounts stated within the water industry vary from 0.25% to 1% with the major of water companies offering “added value services” such as consolidated billing and water cost reduction services to reduce companies water bills. Which in essence is well catered for by specialist Water Audit companies and  Water Audit consultants and has been for many years, so in reality nothing new just yet.


The English water retail market is crying out for innovation and creation of a water supply company that can offer real innovation, top draw customer service and added value services thrown in as all part of the service.

The Alternative Water Company Ltd is just that company which commenced trading in March of this year and the opening salvo fired across the bows of the English water retail companies is a 25% discount on water supply contracts and customers can secure this benefit before the English water retail market opens. With expert water and waste water consultancy services offered to all customers as standard within the water supply deal. The established English and Scottish water companies can simply not compete with the level of discount as the retail margin is simply not going to be available for at least 3 years which is the next anticipated price review.


A spokesman for The Alternative Water Company Ltd added ” The Alternative Water Company is a water supply company created without boundaries, offering innovation, first class customer service and an opening discount on your water supply of 25%. The first priority for any business is to reduce its water costs and the driver to switch water supplier is and will be the discount. With the established water companies we would suggest maximum discounts on offer are around 1% so a 25% discount is a complete no brainer. We do not need to offer added value services to entice new customers such as water cost reduction consultancy, its all about the price, service and innovation.

The Alternative Water Company business model was conceived 25 years ago way ahead of its time, now with the creation of the English water retail market the emphasis on cost reduction within businesses coupled with environmental and sustainability pressures, these key drivers have presented a perfect market environment and launch pad for The Alternative Water Company to flourish and expand its interest across the UK.

It is indeed a very exciting time for both customers and The Alternative Water Company”


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