Getting ready to switch water supplier due to water deregulation in England – What’s the point?

With water deregulation just around the corner, April 2017 to be precise. Is your company preparing to switch water supplier? Indeed what’s the point!


What would your companies driver be for switching to an alternative water company?


The water industry in England is about to change to enable businesses to change their water supplier to an alternative water company. The general perception is that discounts similar to the Scottish Water retail market will be available, for example discounts of 10% – 18% and sometimes over 20% though much depends on the water and waste water usage profile.

Indeed we have received queries from existing and potential clients from many industries seeking clarification on discounts with promises by other water consultancies of up to 50% discounts! which is not true!


The facts are that 1% – 1.5% is the discount expectation, so with this in mind is your company preparing to switch water supplier to an alternative water company, may be not?


Now there is an attractive discount benefit though if your company has multiple sites, receiving future water bills from one supplier may be an attractive proposition, making it more cost effective internally to deal with one water supplier, one point of contact which may reduce water bill processing costs.

This indeed could be a driver for switching to one water company.

The potential problem here is that although your business may then have one point of contact for all sites you are adding another line of communication externally which will only increase the resolution time with any water bill query.


How long will it be before the water retail discount is increased? Our prediction is during 2020 there will be a price review, discounts of between 5 – 10% are on the cards.


So what should I do in the meantime? For multi site small users set up a water bill validation and bureau service contract with an independent water audit expert to incorporate a historical water audit, ensuring any water company overcharges are resolved and any potential water company undercharges are identified.

Drive down water consumption and when your properties are in line seek the best value water supply switching contract with no penalty after one year should you need to exit, then sit it out and wait for the water market to mature.


With higher water users such as Hotels, Universities, NHS sites such as Hospitals, large Manufacturing sites and Leisure Parks using more than say 50,000 cubic meters  or more on single sites adopt the same action as with the smaller water consuming companies to include the water bill validation. But, also consider switching to an Alternative Water Company such as the newly formed The Alternative Water Company Ltd (AWC) with a unique and innovative approach to supplying water to large users. They are certainly not water brokers or water retailers, they are a truly independent and alternative water supply company and could potentially reduce your water costs in the first year by between 20 – 30%!


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