Historic Hall Hit With Shocking Water Bills!

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You and your business may well be inspired to review your water usage and switch water supplier after hearing how historic hall Churchfield House in Lancashire was hit with a huge bill for 2017/2018 – to the tune of £6,970!


This was despite the fact that previous bills had been around £200 for the year, with chair of the company that runs the buildings Lynn Wilson explaining that she “almost collapsed in shock and horror” when she saw the bill, the Lancashire Telegraph reports.


She was concerned that the amount United Utilities claimed they owed would have put them out of business. A third-party firm had taken over the billing for the property and Ms Wilson was forced to get in touch with her local MP for help.


Graham Jones contacted the water supplier and it was found that the concession for Churchfield House hadn’t been transferred to the third party firm, with the total for the two years owing eventually reduced to £489.


He said: “I was shocked at both the sum United Utilities were asking for and the attitude they had towards the polite requests from volunteers at Churchfield House to revise the bill in light of their normal usage.


“I am pleased that United Utilities listened to my request to revise the bill, which was lowered to £489. It would be a disaster to Great Harwood if we lost Churchfield House to what was a technical error.”


As a business, you no longer have to put up with an unsatisfactory service from your water supplier thanks to the deregulation of the English retail water market, which happened in April 2017.


You are now able to research the different suppliers that are out there and choose the one that you believe best suits you, your company and the industry you’re in. But it can be very difficult to navigate the new landscape, especially since you’re unlikely to have considered switching supplier before. How are you supposed to know which company is best for you and your business?


That’s where a consultancy firm like H2o Building Services really comes into its own, doing all the hard work on your behalf and making sure that the perfect supplier for you and your needs is sourced.


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The newly deregulated market is open to 1.2 million businesses, charities and public sector organisations in England, joining the 130,000 businesses in Scotland that are already able to pick their own water supplier. Give us a call today to find out more.