Possible Hose Pipe Ban Despite Torrential Rain!

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If Affinity Water is supplies your business at the moment, you might be tempted to switch water supplier after hearing that the company could possibly push through a hose pipe ban next spring – a decision it apparently came to during a week of torrential rain.


The firm made the announcement by saying that despite the heavy rain seen during September and the rather wet summer we had, the south-east’s reserves are low because of dry winters over the last three years, the Daily Telegraph reports.


Affinity Water supplies more than 3.6 million people in the region, but it was also recently exposed as the fourth leakiest water company in England, failing to hit leakage targets for the last two years.


The south-east is also classed as an area of water stress, relying on underground water sources for its supply – and relying particularly on rain during the winter.


Chief executive of the company Pauline Walsh wrote to customers, saying: “Despite today’s wet weather it may come as a surprise that over the last three years we’ve had much less rain than normal. This means we are now in drought and we may need to introduce water restrictions (also known as a hosepipe ban) in spring 2020.”


She went on to suggest that customers themselves could help the situation and make a difference by reducing the length of their showers by one minute, which could help save a bucket of water a day.


If you are unhappy with the service you’re currently receiving from your supplier, you’ll be glad to hear that businesses are now able to switch to a different company, thanks to the deregulation of the English water retail market back in April 2017.


There are all sorts of benefits associated with doing this, including making cost savings thanks to better tariffs elsewhere, more accurate billing and faster customer service responses, specialist suppliers for your industry or operational needs and consolidation of your entire water supply across multiple sites with a single company.


You may struggle to know where to start with the switching process, however, since this is still relatively new for most businesses in England. How are you supposed to know which suppliers can genuinely offer you a better deal and better service, for example?


Speaking to a water consultancy firm like H2o Building Services could prove really beneficial, since we’ll be able to do all the hard work for you and you can take advantage of our extensive knowledge of the water industry to ensure you end up with a supplier that truly meets all your needs.


If you’d like to find out more about the kind of service we provide, get in touch with the friendly and professional team today.