Puffin Produce Reduces Water Usage By 90%!

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Welsh supplier Puffin Produce has been making significant improvements to its water footprint, it seems, by successfully reducing its water usage and consumption by 90 per cent, following a restructuring of its factory in Withybush that saw four production lines replaced with two upgraded ones.


The company, which is the biggest supplier of Welsh produce in Wales, worked with vegetable handling equipment specialist Haith Group to help it reduce its environmental impact, with everything on the new lines now automated, Potato Pro reports.


Before installation of the lines, the factory didn’t recycle any of the water it used, with all discharge water removed from the site by tankers. But now, 90 per cent of the water used to wash the produce is recycled, with the rest being treated so that residual solids can be transformed into a dry cake and then returned to the land.


Managing director of Puffin Produce Huw Thomas was quoted by the news source as saying: “Improving the efficiency of a factory while at the same time lowering operating costs and reducing the impact on the environment is something a lot of businesses are trying to achieve.


“At Puffin Produce, though, thanks to our close working relationship with Haith and their talented team, we have been able to achieve that. It is fantastic that we can operate more efficiently, have the capacity to handle even more produce in the future and can lower both our utility costs and impact on the environment.”


If you’re inspired by Puffin’s success at driving down its water consumption and want to see if you can achieve similar results across your business premises, get in touch with the team here at H2o Building Services to see how we can help in this regard.


There are all sorts of ways you can go about saving water, whether you decide to focus on rainwater harvesting, leak detection and repair, automated meter reading or even switching water supplier.


The main approaches that we use to help businesses save water are water leak detection, water auditing and water monitoring.


You may not even know if you have a leak on site, but we can identify these quickly and easily, repairing them as required. And water monitoring means that any spikes in usage are spotted quickly, so that water-saving solutions can be introduced as appropriate.


Water audits, meanwhile, involve comparing water usage with what you’re being charged for to highlight any discrepancies that could have led to you being overcharged.


Audits also mean that we can make recommendations to help you reduce your water usage and lower your costs. It’s possible to see a reduction of 30 per cent or more in your water bills following an audit, so not only will you be helping the planet, but you’ll be boosting your profits at the same time.