Since water market deregulation in the UK, what is missing to enable more businesses to switch water supplier?

How easy is it to switch water supplier?


Indeed why switch water supplier in the first place?


Is it “different strokes for different folks” as the late 20th century proverbial saying suggests?


Or it is simply trust?


Trust is a key factor in business and to a large extent has been eroded away over the years in the utilities market gas, power and water. Although its much the same across the whole business spectrum not just utilities.


We all like a good deal, no we all like a great deal!


We don’t want cheap we want great value and great service.


So how do businesses switch water supplier at the moment?


Some approach one or two water retailers by sending in their water bills and request prices against their existing water supplier.

Dependent on the business spend and what elements they are billed for this can take several weeks and even then how does the customer measure one deal offer against another?

Indeed do you approach one or two retailers or all 20 plus that’s a big ask for any business to administer, a task like this needs expertise and knowledge of the water industry and water retail market.


Customers have no choice either to switch water supplier themselves or appoint a 3rd party such as a water consultant or energy broker.


That is all about to change as UK based Open Energy Market forays into the water market


Open Energy Market, a UK based firm with an online energy procurement platform which streamlines the energy procurement process and adds transparency and simplicity to an otherwise opaque process.


The firms move into the water retail market has been made after the huge success of the companies online energy procurement trading platform.


Open Water Market a division of Open Energy Market is utilising the firms proven and successful technology.


Offering simplicity and transparency in the water retail procurement process, helping both businesses and brokers secure the best value deal and to differentiate between water retailers, and importantly requesting pricing across 100 percent of the water retail market, giving all water retail companies a chance to pitch at the touch of a button.


The Open Water Market service will be supported by water industry experts who will be on hand to assist every step of the way, enabling businesses and brokers to switch water supplier with confidence, simplicity and transparency which at the moment does not exist in the deregulated water market.


Exciting times for both water retailers and customers alike.