There are 1,000’s of retail water market customer service and billing issues, but you did know about the customer protection code of practice ?

Did you know that if you are dissatisfied with your existing water supplier you can switch water supplier.

That’s right from April 2017 none residential customers can switch water supplier and leave your old water supplier behind and potentially get a better price and better service.


Did you also know as a none residential customer you are protected by a “customer protection code of practice” and the water industry regulator OFWAT has a legal obligation to ensure that customers are well protected in the new retail water market.


So what is the code? 


Customers can shop around and switch water supplier,

Experience gleaned from other market sectors shows that customers need extra protection, customer protection measures as in the code are essential to ensure a well functioning water retail market but should not in any way stifle innovation or development of effective competition.


All water retail companies should: –


  • Respond to customers in an appropriate and timely manner.


  •  Provide information that is complete, accurate and not misleading.


  • Provide appropriate and timely information to customers to allow them to make informed choices.


  • Be fair, transparent and honest and put the customer at the heart of their business.


  • Make their customer services accessible and effective.


  • Communicate with customers in plain and clear English.


How with customer be protected?


Customers will be protected through being able to switch water supplier for a better deal in terms of service and price, in addition customers are also protected by : –


  • Each water retailer being licenced to operate in the water retail market.


  • Water retailers will have a published guaranteed standards scheme.


  • There is a supplier of last resort scheme to maintain water services if a water retailer goes out of business.


Not getting the service you are promised?


Frustrated with unresolved water billing issues?


Water retailer not responding to complaints in a timely manner?


Suspect you are being overcharged?


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