Water industry news – Castle Water customer conference

Since water market deregulation allowing businesses to switch water supplier at least 24 water retail companies have been formed resulting in a wide choice for those customers wishing to switch water supplier.


One water retail company Castle Water has grown to become the 2nd largest water retail company in the UK that has secured over 507,000 water and waste water supply point id’s (SPIDS) with an impressive turnover of over £450m and very likely to exceed over £500m this year.


Although there have of course been “growing pains” along the way such as poor customer service and response to customer queries the company has taken notice of the huge volume of customer complaints and taken positive action to resolving issues and that is showing through with new client acquisitions, with them winning large public sector water retail contracts through Crown Commercial Services.


Leading water industry firm H20 Building Services also reports Castle Water has improved its customer services and now one of the best in the water retail market and other water retail firms that provide poor customer service should  take note and follow Castle Waters impressive performance or get left behind in the highly competitive water retail market.


As a part of Castle Waters customer engagement they have announced a customer conference 2019.


Where? – Methodist Central Hall, Westminster


When? – March 20th 2019.


The conference will be covering: –


News on the latest technologies available to reduce water costs and manage water usage.


The water regulator OFWAT‘s price review – PR19 will mean for customers as the prices and water tariffs will be set from April 2020 to 2025.


An update and analysis of the water retail market


Speakers include : –


Mr John Reynolds OBE – Chief Executive of Castle Water.

Mr Richard Moore – Director of Corporate Affairs of Castle Water.

Fiona Griffith – Isle Group

Mr Rob Francis – Director of Utilities Research HSBC