Many businesses are put off switching water supplier because of perceived complex switching processes – that’s all about to change.

Many businesses and organisations would like to switch water supplier now that the water industry in the UK is now deregulated allowing companies the freedom to choose their own water supplier and why wouldn’t they.

If they switch water supplier savings of 6 per cent to 24 per cent could be achieved.


In addition to discounts on the water bills for those with multi site companies and organisations further savings can be achieved by having all sites bills for water and waste water service on one bill, making the processing of multi sites water service charges easier to administer and billed by one water retailer as opposed to several.


For many firms that wish to switch water supplier it can be a daunting task for example: –


Of the 23 or so water retail companies who do you choose to approach and request pricing from?


You could commission an agent, energy consultancy or water broker or TPI (third party introducer) but are they independent and impartial? Do they obtain pricing from the entire market i.e. 23 water retail companies ?


Rumors abound throughout the utilities market that its not worth switching as there are very small discounts given and is it really worth the effort?


Yes it is according to Water Industry Expert Graham Mann, he says ” Firms don’t even need a strategy to save 6 – 24 percent on water bills”


And he should know with 3 decades of water industry experience under his belt.

He heads up leading national water firm H20 Building Services and more recently has been appointed “Head of Water Services at Open Water Market a division of Open Energy Market who recently completed a £3 million investment deal with Calculas Capital.

The investment will be used to further develop their unique proven and successful energy procurement platform which business customers can access to place their energy contracts on a live reverse auction process via the platform increasing the transparency of the laborious energy broker process.


The same proven technology will be applied to the Open Water Market national water retail procurement platform to be launched very soon.


Graham Mann Head of Water Services says ” The platform will be ground breaking and a water industry first, those companies and organisations that wish to switch water supplier will be able to do so with ease accessing the whole of the water retail market as all water retailers will be given prior notice of the contracts to be tendered and will bid accordingly.

Customers and water retailers will have water industry experts available for support throughout the entire process ensuring a smooth and orderly tender bid and transition from the existing supplier(s) to the newly appointed water retail company.

It will be the customers that make an informed choice as to which water retailer will supply the water and waste water services going forwards.


Independent, impartial advice, providing customers a gateway to switch water supplier, their water supply their choice”


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