Switching water supplier to The Alternative Water Company Ltd for this client will save £95,000 over 5 years.

Switching water supplier to The Alternative Water Company Ltd will save this industrial client in the South West water area over £95,000 over the next 5 years.


Having completed an alternative water supply feasibility report The Alternative Water Company Ltd has been given the green light to move forward to contract and produce a water supply agreement.


The water company South West Water stand to lose around £1.7m worth of water supply revenue to The Alternative Water Company Ltd.

With many more smaller and indeed larger companies now looking well beyond the already well established water supplier companies due to the very low single digit discounts when the water retail market opens in a months’ time.


It’s no wonder investors are now taking a keen interest in this brand new national water supply companies operations, and client acquisitions.


For starters The Alternative Water Company Ltd is far more environmentally friendly with water leakage at Zero, other water companies cannot say the same. With discounts averaging 25%, automatic on-line billing and web based on-line water usage available to view 24/7 from anywhere around the world. Plus the UK’s leading water and waste water experts on hand to provide any help and support as and when required The Alternative Water Company Ltd will be leading the way forward both on price, quality and service.


Director of operations Graham Mann says

“ I am really privileged to be a part of such an innovative and truly exciting opportunity to be a part of a team of experts setting up and running the very first “off grid” water supply company.

We have already got clients on board and will soon gain traction in the water supply market, this is just the start of a journey.

As we progress and expand taking market share there will be many more surprise announcements and many further water industry innovations that will shaper the water industry as we know it well into the future.”


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