Is Switching Water Supplier a Business Risk?

Switching water supplier for your business could save you money on your water bill, but could it also present a risk to your business?


Deregulation of the UK water market for businesses in 2017 means that you have more choice about how your water is supplied than ever before, but sometimes uninformed decisions can hurt your business more than they can help. How will you know if switching suppliers made sense for you, and how will you be aware of any unexpected risks that the change may present?


For some of the obstacles facing your business, it just makes sense to bring in an expert. If you needed work done on the electrical wiring in your office, you wouldn’t attempt it yourself unless you were a certified electrician. Similarly, you wouldn’t send one of your office workers up to evaluate the state of your roof. You’d call in a professional roofer.


Sometimes it’s better to trust in the knowledge and experience of an expert rather than trying to do everything yourself.


Should You Consult a Water Expert?

Depending on your industry, water and waste water may represent a significant expense to your business. This is another area of your business where it makes sense to consult a professional rather than take on the task alone. There are water experts with years of experience that can optimise and streamline the process of selecting the correct water supplier for your business.


Doing It Alone Can Be Difficult and Yield Less Than Optimal Results

If you’re reading this, the chances are that you’re already considering switching water supplier. With the recent deregulation of the English water retail market for businesses, it’s certainly an astute choice. You have more freedom to ever to shop around for lower water rates. But with that added freedom comes some additional risks and responsibilities as well.


Trying to switch suppliers by yourself may yield less than optimal results. If you aren’t evaluating all the relevant criteria that may affect your business, you could be leaving a significant amount of potential savings on the table. If you do decide to switch suppliers, you will likely stay with your new water company for many years. Even a tiny difference in rates can add up to thousands of pounds for your business, and that’s exactly why it’s worth consulting an expert upfront to ensure you are receiving the best deal possible.


A Lack of Available Resources

At the moment, there is a lack of information available to businesses who may want to make the switch. There is no nationally trusted “go-to” website on the topic, and researching the options yourself can be an overwhelming task. Business water contracts can be confusing, and without expert help, you may find yourself signing up for a new deal that hurts you rather than helps.


Professional Consultation

H2O Building Services employs some of the UK’s leading water experts with over three decades of expertise. If you are planning on switching water supplier, we can help guide you through the process of selecting a new water company. Our water experts will ensure you receive all the benefits that changing water suppliers can offer.


We can also help mitigate any risks related to your water usage that may cost your business additional money. Our no-obligation audit of your current water bill can spot billing errors and areas where you’re currently paying more than you should, plus we can even detect possible water leakage and other issues based on the data as well.


Don’t pay any more for your water services than is necessary. Contact the experts at H2O and find the best water solution for your business today on 01924 387 873 or email