Water consultants H2O Building Services report a client with 1,000 sites is to switch water supplier.

Switch water supplier - H2O Building Services


With contracts agreed water consultants H2O Building Services prepare two national multi site clients to switch water supplier, with over 1,000 sites to be transferred to one water retail supplier.


So what was the driver to switch water supplier? 


In short poor service says Nicky Mann Head of Water Retail at H2O Building Services.

“Our client management team have endured over 2 years of what could only be described as the worst service experience we have ever had to endure.


The issues have been that the water retailers have been unable to bill correctly for our client’s site in Scotland for a couple of years and the sites in England in some geographical areas the water retail companies could not bill on a consolidated account, which for clients with over 1,000 sites was an absolute must.


In the end we had no choice than to revert to single site billing which doubled the water bill validation teams workload and our internal costs spiraled out of control.


Therefore after over 2 years of these issues we submitted proposals to the client to switch water supplier as a matter of urgency or water bill processing costs would be doubled.


If water retailers give poor service and consistently bill incorrectly there is no form of compensation to cover the customers increased bill processing costs.


Even when we submit claims for overcharging they can take nearly a year to process correctly.


Customer do not get to see the reality and the stress this causes as we do the bill validation for them effectively shielding them.


They are the lucky ones as thousands of other customers have to put up with it or commission us to do the bill validation for them”


Even though customers switch water supplier, numerous billing issues and poor service still may be the result but to a much lesser extent.


Water bill validation is and always will be in the foreseeable future an ever increasing and integral part of the switching process and service within H2O.


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