Businesses Can Now Switch Water Supplier On The UK’s First Water Retail Procurement Comparison Site. Finally, switching water supplier has been made simple!

Switch water supplier - H2O Building Services

So at the moment what are the options for switching water supplier?


You could find yourself a water broker, energy broker or consultant.

You may already be working with an energy broker or consultant and they will contact a small selection of water retail companies on your behalf and request prices for supply of water and waste water services ultimately the customers agent makes these choices.


After making the requests the process will in most cases be slow.


As only a couple of water retailers have been chosen the majority of the other water retailers will be loosing out by not receiving requests for pricing.

There are 27 water retail companies, so by not sending inquiries to the entire water market the customer is not receiving the best value deal that is representative of the entire market.


Besides the water market needs to thrive, expand, innovate, and invest for the good of the environment, customers and investors.

It cannot even begin to move forward in a vibrant competitive way if only a few select water retailers receive the largest chunk of the business and the market is disjointed and complicated for customers, and water retailers to operate in.


In comparison to the mature Energy Market the water retail market has only been deregulated for three years and in that time there has been zero progress in the way customers, brokers and water retail companies do business.

Incredible to think in a £3.5Billion  water retail market the Chief Executive of the Water Retail Market Operator MOSL Sarah McMarth said in an interview in Utility Week January 24th 2020 “We need to move away from the view that the Water Retail Market is just too hard to do business in”


She is 100 per cent correct of course but fundamentally at the moment  there is no way that customers and the entire water retail market can engage and do business with confidence and trust, none, at least not in a simple engaging transparent and independent way.


Until now!


The need for businesses to step forward and help the water industry regulator, market operator, retailers and customers to realise the goals and benefits of an open water market was abundantly clear so from March 2nd 2020 it is an historical time for the UK water retail market as a new and innovative business opens its doors for business.


The launch of a web based Water Retail Comparison site is the place for non-residential customers to access the entire water retail market.

Giving all water retail companies the opportunity to pitch for your business is almost upon us and a team of water industry experts will be  working with customers, Energy Consultants and Brokers  to prepare them to switch water supplier in the UK’s very first automated Switching site.


The service is simple, comprehensive and compelling.


A water industry leading, simple-to-use water retail contract procurement service, underpinned by a totally unique online water retail procurement platform designed to produce the very best value deal by accessing the entire water retail market and supplier.


Offering (before or after tender awards) a water, wastewater and trade effluent billing correction service to ensure future charges levied by the newly appointed water retailer are correct.

This will be a high value service for those 1,000’s of customers that have been overcharged over the last decade.

This is normally at the point where the customer is due substantial refunds due to historical billing errors.  It is often more beneficial to audit the bills prior to switching water supplier, but this is of course entirely up to the customer.


A free desktop water and wastewater audits are offered during or after the process.  Sometimes the water retail companies that are pitching for the retail contracts will offer this service as ‘added-value’ services in conjunction with their water retail contract – the customer decides and has complete freedom of choice.


The site and service is free to the customer, a small fee is paid to by the water retail company that wins the contract.  A small fee paid by the water retailer reflects operational, development, customer service and the promotional costs of the platform.


Both customers and water retailers benefit from ongoing UK-based customer support from water industry experts.


Many further added-value innovative products and services are to be continuously added to the platform to react to market segmentation and demand.  To provide the most user focused experience for both customers, water retailers and strategic partners


The water retail procurement platform is the ‘go to’ service for all things water, wastewater and trade effluent and will just continue to get better and better.



  One, easy to use, switching service Ready Steady Switch!