Stark Software International Ltd is the water data supplier of choice say the water audit experts H20.

Visual water flow data is everything says water audit expert Graham Mann who heads up the water audit experts H20 Building Services.

Without accurate quality and consistent visual water flow data presented in graphical and digital form we would really struggle to instigate a detailed water management project, particularly on large multi metered sites or large water user sites.

Yes we would deliver water savings but in order to maximize water savings and monitor water use and patterns or water use reliable AMR water flow data logging hardware and software is the ultimate key to success and delivering on our performance promises to our clients.

The water audit experts H20 will not compromise on quality of water management tools which are essential for maximum water savings.


What is AMR water flow data logging?


Water flow data logging is a powerful tool which allows us to spot exceptional water flow rates over time and to quickly adjust water saving solutions as requirements change over time.


Using a water flow data logger, a device fitted to the water companies water meters we can easily and efficiently see how many water is being used by the property at hourly or minute by minute intervals. The water audit experts at H20 are analysing sudden spikes and water flow trends and in particular the water flow night line indicating water leaks.

More often than not properties lose 30% of their water over night due to water leakage and inefficient use so the hardware and software supplied, installed and maintained by Stark Sortware International Ltd is key to unlocking and maximising savings   on our clients water bills and alerting us remotely via a web based water leak alert system.

If there is a spike in water demand usually associated with a water leak or burst water pipe it is critical that action is taken as soon as possible to minimise any impact a water leak or burst has on future water bills.


Who are Stark Sortware International Ltd and why did we nominate them as supplier of choice? 


Founded in 1981 I first came across Stark whilst carrying out water audit projects in the public sector, at that time water billing data was complied using Stark Software, then as the water audit experts H20 expanded its operations and remote water flow monitoring came into its own and became an essential water management tool we started to look around the industry for a reliable data logger and software platform.


We trialed various firms and kit, measuring product quality, service, delivery, performance and response to service requests and Stark came out on top.

What really clinched the deal was the fact a great many clients were familiar with Stark software as they were already using it for their gas and power under Starks “save energy online” product. Boasting they process 13% of the UK’s electricity consumption every day and 25% of the half hourly market. Therefore secure in the knowledge Stark operate to the highest data security standards to ISO27001 the sole supplier deal was done.


The water audit experts H20  very much look forward to having Stark on board supporting our national water management projects