Water and waste management experts could achieve a 40% reduction in trade effluent charges

Author: Graham Mann – Trade effluent charges.


Water and waste management experts at H20 Building Services advise manufacturing and production companies to scrutinise their trade effluent charges which often are far in excess of water supply costs.


How many companies who discharge trade effluent really do understand the charging structure?


There are many companies who are billed on specific volumes of trade effluent discharge that are both incorrect on volume discharged and content of the  effluent which is exactly the basis on which the water companies base their charges.


Over the past 6 months there is a pattern immerging where trade effluent charges are concerned based on clients trade effluent bills sent to us for a preliminary audit.

Every client has the potential for reducing the charges due to either incorrect charging structure set up in the first place or the correct pre-treatment before discharge to the water company sewers. Typical savings are 30% to 50%.


To view an interesting case study where charges were reduced from £600,000  a year down to £320,000 per year Example Food Process Case Study