The Alternative Water Company is causing a storm in the English Water Retail Market

You may have heard by now a new water supplier has entered the English Water Retail Market causing quite a storm by undercutting the larger water companies by 25% in the new retail water market. This is a truly remarkable move from The Alternative Water Company Ltd with its base in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.


The Operations Director of the company Graham Mann said ” The new English Water Retail Market has presented The Alternative Water Company with a fantastic launch paid into a market that I have had the privilege of working in for over 25 years.

To be given the opportunity of making a real difference to a market dominated by well established companies is without doubt very exciting.

Whilst water companies are estimated to be offering discounts of 1% The Alternative Water Company will offer 25% together with water audit expertise focusing on both water efficiency and waste water cost reduction, this will be offered as a standard service not added value.


You see as the English Water Retail Market opens its doors the water companies will only be able to offer very low discounts of 1% so in order to entice customers to switch water supplier or indeed retain customers they have to offer added value services. Offering to reduce existing water and waste water bills through efficiency savings and water audit consultancy and charge the customer fees usually based on a performance or share of savings basis in order to gain a return on investment.


The Alternative Water Company aims to entice large water users over say 40,000 cubic metres and above in the manufacturing and production sector, in addition to Hotels, Hospitals, Leisure and Theme Parks and also large businesses and industrial estates. We are also eyeing up residential developments and providing similar levels of discount.

Again the water companies will struggle to  compete with a 25% discount to residential customers.”


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