Stunning and unique 1896 Victorian Railway Carriage for sale.

Victorian 1st Class Railway Carriage


This post is nothing to do with the water industry news as per my usual business posts on H2O Building Services.


I have accepted a task which is a huge emotional responsibility for me which I have accepted and take very seriously.

I have been asked to sell my friends lifetime project which is a Victorian railway carriage.

To be truthful I have absolutely no idea where to start other than on our own business news blog and sharing on my LinkedIn page with over 600 million members worldwide.

Surely this post will be of interest to at least one person right?


My friends have spent decades lovingly restoring this 1896 Victorian railway carriage and the results are quite frankly stunning, the attention to detail can only truly be appreciated if viewed.

A “Sneak Peek” at this lifetimes works and dedication can be appreciated and viewed below.


Victorian 1st Class Railway Carriage Victorian 1st Class Railway Carriage



This Victorian carriage has spent the last 9 years of final restoration in a purpose built building enabling it to be continually and lovingly restored.

The Victorian carriage is now resplendent in its varnished teak livery.


It is 53’6″ (16.3 metres) long with flat ends and it is a  stunning example of aesthetic Victorian construction and craftsmanship.


The interior being 1st Class which was obviously very ornate compared to the standard carriages.

There was also a mention that it may have been used as a retinue coach for the Royal trains of that era, and it is believed to be unique.


The width is 9′ (2.74 metres) and the height is 12’9″ (3.9 metres)


The sleepers were some of the most luxurious of the stock built at York, having transverse sleeping berths which was an innovation and improvement on the American Pullman sleepers which were longitudinal.


A personal statement from the owners ” Our Grandchildren have loved running around under and through it, what a great experience to remember. We will be very sad to see it go but wish it well on its journey into the future”


After 66 years in the same family during which time the carriage has been loved, cherished and greatly enjoyed, the owners have decided the time has come for a change and they are marketing the Victorian Railway Carriage No 236 and hope that future custodians will enjoy the experience to step back into a by gone era. To sit and absorb the ambient atmosphere away from the distractions of modern day living.


The carriage has not been restored back to a sleeping carriage in which the compartments were very small, but more a luxury unit which now consists of 2 bedrooms, dining area, office and 2 sitting areas, so that it is a more functional accommodation.


Most people who view it are wowed over by it, a recent German visitor said he felt like Poirot!



Interested parties please contact Graham Mann on his mobile 07831 390 637 or email graham.mann@h2obuildingservices for more information and sales pack.

All enquiries will be dealt with in the strictest confidence