Independent water audit experts score with a £28,000 water leak saving – case study.

Water audit experts H20 Building Services monitor and audit many sites nationally and in this case study a large leisure site in Northumberland was flagged up during routine water audit checks. The water flow through the water meter was measured at 2 cubic meters per hour or 440 gallons per hour.


This is an excellent case study which demonstrates in simple form how a combination of seemingly small water leaks can easily contribute to a large water bill and conversely small changes will make a huge difference.


On this particular client portfolio a water leak was adding at least £60,000 to the annual water bill just over a year ago, our water leakage experts identified and repaired the leaks and broke down the site into manageable zones with isolation valves and sub-meters placed at strategic locations.

Then a water flow data logger was fitted to the incoming water supply meter having sought written permission from the water supply company enabling our water audit team to monitor the daily and over night water flow remotely.

The data is sent via the mobile phone network to a bespoke water flow data platform enabling our water audit team to work in partnership with the client to  reduce the daily and overnight water flow.


It is a brilliant way of working with clients as they see the results of the water savings before and after in a clear concise visual display that is simple and easy to understand.


The case study is a prime example of how well this application works. Click here for the water leakage report – leisure park leak detection survey – water audit experts