Water audit experts claim a £68,000 water bill rebate due to water company over charging.

Water audit experts H20 Building Services identify and claim yet another substantial water company overcharge, a staggering £68,000 going back some 14 years!


Have you ever wondered how effective a water bill validation and bureau service is, that is services by water audit experts? well this is a case in point.


As long as the company you partner with have proven years of experience and can demonstrate a focused innovative approach in all areas, from initial desktop water audits, through to site survey and reports. Delivering real tangible water savings, exploring all areas including procurement of water services and alternative water supply feasibility studies, a total focused water management all under one roof.


In this particular client case study the preliminary desktop water audit determined that the rainwater draining from the site was draining through reed beds and then down into a stream. The water company were charging on average £4,800 per year for property drainage charges. An actual site survey revealed that the charges levied by the water supplier were incorrect and an application was submitted together with the documentary evidence, this was approved resulting in a water bill rebate of £68,000! Resulting in a reduced water bill going forewords of £4,800 per year.


You should always use a “water audit expert” to ensure the claim is accurate in all areas, historical charges need to be fully audited prior to any claim.


See below the surface water site plan for this case study


Surface water claim - Water Audit Experts

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