Water audit experts welcome new team member to join the bill validation team.

Author: Graham Mann – Water audit expert


Water audit experts H20 Building Services are expanding to meet the challenges of water deregulation in the English Water Retail Market.


News is posted almost daily as the water market in England fast approaches the deregulation date of April this year and firms are now looking at their water and waste water bills and in the process searching the internet for information on switch water supplier and water cost reduction services.


As with all projects signed at H20 water bill validation is the start point, and with increased levels of business we are recruiting new team members on a carefully constructed “on the job” training program. All new team members start with water billing data input, water bill auditing, then as they progress supported by other team members they receive further project management training with on-going assessment they are soon given a project to manage.


Its really satisfying to see individual team members progress and fulfill their potential in this very exciting water market which presents many new career opportunities.


There is a distinct lack of knowledge and expertise in the water industry, particularly in our specific market and I was staggered at the amount of people that applied for this position nearly 500! Sign of the times I guess.