The water audit team at H20 wish you all a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2017.

The water audit team are now officially on leave and very well deserved.

After an exceptional year here at H20 Building Services, delivering projects on time and on budget with all clients delighted with our services and results achieved and 20% up on business at year end!


As we enter 2017 with projects due to start we are already 10% ahead of this year.


In anticipation of our growth we have taken on more staff with demand of our expertise driven in part by the English Water Market  deregulation April 2017 there has been a substantial increase in clients seeking independent professional support and water audit expertise.


We have planned for exceptional growth in 2017, put together with unique water management service strategy products and launched the very first national water supply company “The Alternative Water Company” in decades aimed at providing medium and large water users an alternative to the other larger more established water suppliers.

The Government and customers are looking for innovation in the water market, well we are delivering with a water supply discount of 25%, why pay massive infrastructure charges and contribute to leaking water supply pipes when you can take your water supply contracts “off grid” – save money and be more environmentally friendly.


A big thank you to all of our contacts and readers of our case studies, news and views, we hope you found the content posted on both our website and LinkedIn helpful and informative, we do this to educate and inform – special requests welcome.


Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2017 for all the team at H20 Building Services.