An Alternative Water Company claims it can supply water at 50% – 75% less than your existing water company

The Alternative Water Company founded in West Yorkshire to provide water at substantially less cost than your existing water supplier.

A bold and innovative move by a team of water industry experts to provide high quality water services nationwide.


From initial water supply that will be guaranteed to be between 50% – 75% less than your existing water supplier through to a first class total water management service to ensure each customer uses the water in the most efficient way possible. By providing free water cost reduction consultancy services, encompassing and embracing the latest innovative water efficiency products and services, plus on line water flow monitoring systems in order to manage and control water leakage.

Placing customers and the environment at the heart of everything they do.


This latest move by water industry experts will certainly shake up the water industry, providing a low cost high quality product and service which the water companies will struggle to compete with, providing real tangible choice at much lower cost.


The Alternative Water Company will provide these services and products to customers initially using 5,000 cubic meters or more on single sites from Scotland down to England and Wales, potential customers will range from Hospitals, Leisure Parks, Hotels, Pool and Leisure Clubs, Manufacturing and Production Facilities, Residential Care Homes, Universities, Colleges and so on.


The initial idea of this innovation was conceived over 20 years ago, however at the time water was cheap and way down the order of priority for many businesses, technology was in its infancy, coupled with lack of environmental awareness and no real business financial pressures. Today however we have the Scottish Water Retail Market opened up to competition, and very soon the English Water Market will be opening, albeit with no where near the discounts currently available in Scotland such as 18% – 20% in some case, though it will not last forever we will see discounts fall in an over crowded market.


Water is now firmly at the top of many companies agenda, as the media is awash with articles on switching water supplier, with the water companies in England jostling for position and some coming out of the none residential market altogether, others merging such as the latest move by Severn Trent Water and United Utilities. How the major water companies merging can be construed as competition and benefiting customers when this is not in customers best interests.


The water industry desperately needs  competition with true innovation which is why the timing and formation of The Alternative Water Company is so vitally important and significant.


At this important time of change within the water market in this country already potential 30 plus business sites are under review and with one business customer using 90,000 cubic metres per year moving forward there is clearly now an “Alternative Water Company”


Does your company use more than 5,000 cubic metres of water or more on a single site? If so The Alternative Water Company would like to hear from you.

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