Future water – The Governments strategy for England – we must “Value Water More”

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

Water scarcity, global drought will affect us all and we must do everything we can to protect a valuable resource, in effect we must start to “value water more”

A document entitled Future Water – The Governments Water Strategy for England  which makes interesting reading for both residential and industrial water users and those companies who are involved in the water and waste water industry.

The contents cover such things as : –

* Water, housing and climate change.

* Water demand  – future pressures

* Vision for the future

* Household behaviour

* Products and appliance

* None household water use – Industrial and commercial water use and agricultural water use.

* Water industry regulations and water leakage.

* Water supply – water resources today – future water pressures.

* Achieving the vision.

* Strategic approach – Borehole abstraction – water resources and water management.

* Water quality – surface water drainage.

* River and coastal flooding.

* Greenhouse gas emissions

* Charging for water.

* Regulatory framework, competition and innovation.

All in all a very interesting and thought provoking document click the link here for full PDF document future-water-Value water more