Customers are being prevented from switching water supplier and losing savings due to water retailer incompetence.

Water audit consultants H20 Building Services are coming across an increasing number of customer sites where after over a year some water retail companies are unable to post out correct water bills to 1,000’s of customer sites.


The customers are unable to switch water supplier as there are debts owing on customer accounts yet as the water retailer is not able to bill correctly and the bills are being rejected by the water bill validation team at H20 the customer is losing tens of thousands of pounds.


Despite numerous complaints and promises of a meeting to resolve the issues the water retailer Water Plus continues to send out incorrect bills and demands payment.


In addition to ongoing protracted water billing issues which show zero improvement in service since April 1st 2017 when the water retail market was deregulated some customers have been seemingly dealt a bad deal with no end in sight.


The water audit team at H20 report that yet another water retail company is still having serious ongoing water billing issues. Wave the water retail company which combines both Northumbrian Water and Anglian Water Business admits sending out hundreds of disconnection letters threatening legal proceedings for bills not due and not even posted out to customers, causing disruption and customer processing costs to escalate.


Wave bills - Water audit


The losses calculated so far due to customers unable to switch water supplier away from Water Plus and Wave are £100,000 and rising as complaints continue to be sent into the companies.

Compensation payments due to loss of savings and costs incurred over the last 1 1/2 years are being considered against the water retailers concerned.

Which could well open the floodgates for thousands of other non residential customers to make compensation claims against water retailers that incur costs and loses due to being unable to switch water supplier.


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