What – A 19 year backcharge on surface water discharge fees!

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

You may have seen my previous posts and case studies relating to the Canal and River Trust hiking up fees to those companies which are discharging surface water (rain water) into Canals and Rivers  managed by the trust. I have cases of increases between 500% to 1,000% for clients in the Midlands area, these increases are totally unacceptable, however the trust is now cancelling existing contracts and agreements and issuing new agreements as an underhand way of extracting substantially more revenues as the existing agreement only allow for small increases R.P.I +.

I have now received a case where the trust is demanding retrospective increases R.P.I based backdated 19 years! Never have I seen a 20 year back charge imposed, needless to say I will be rejecting the increase on behalf of the client.

I must admit I viewed the case with disbelief until I saw the evidence, click here to see the surface water bill Canal and River Trust 19 year back charge surface water bill.

If any other companies are receiving high water bills from the Canal and River Trust then please do send them to us.