Water audit experts uncover historical overcharge.

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert

Water audit experts H²O Building Services report the first historical overcharge of 2015!

£ 18,697 plus the reduced water charges going forwards represents a £ 3,000 per year saving on water charges for the site.

How was the water company overcharge identified ?

The historical overcharge was identified under the water bill validation and bureau service project which not only checks and validates water and waste water bills prior to client payment but all of the billing data is logged onto a water data base and the account managers check for errors and are pro-active in identifying potential water savings and overcharges.

What was the specific issue in this case which resulted in water savings going forwards and a refund of historical overcharges?

The clients site is quite large, when H²O Building Services commenced the water bill validation and bureau service all future water bills were diverted to the bureau team at H²O’s office in Wakefield, in this particular case there were 2 water meters serving the property on the one account, however I metered supply had apparently been in estimated billing for sometime and according to site investigations there was only one metered water supply serving the property. The water company was requested to provide further details and an actual meter reading, upon completion of the site investigation by the water company they admitted the water meter that was billed could not be located and in fact did not exist resulting in a refund of £ 18,697.

Water bill showing historical overcharge rebate