Water audits reveal not all water company overcharges are the fault of the water companies.

Author:  Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

Water audits reveal not all water company overcharges are the fault of the water companies.

A recent water audit completed by Water Consultants H²O Building Services has revealed that not all overcharges are the fault of the water company.

H²O provide a water bill validation and bureau service to Lookers Plc a national leading automotive retailer and distributor in the UK.  As part of the bill validation exercise one of the sites charges were examined more closely and it transpired  the water and waste water wholesaler Scottish Water were aware in May 2003 that the surface water from the site did not drain into Scottish Water’s sewer. This service is an itemised charge on a customers bill as property drainage charges based on the rateable value of the site which for a large automotive dealer can be quite high. So when the water and waste water supplier for the customer billed for water services in this case Business Stream unless the Wholesaler Scottish Water informs the water retailer Business Stream that charges for the property drainage should not be levied then Business Stream will continue to charge for the service. In this specific case the water auditors H²O Building Services keep all historical records of all claims made over many years and were in a position to research this case, the result a refund from the water company in excess of £ 30,000 and reduced surface water charges going forwards of over £ 5,000.

The point is, without the evidence and research Business Stream let alone the customer would never had known and the overcharging will have continued, the fault therefore was the Wholesaler Scottish Water and the evidence? a letter dated May 22nd 2003.