Our water bill validation could help you to significantly cut costs

There are typically two main ways a business can improve their margins. The first is to earn more sales and boost their revenue, but this can be a major challenge and potentially involve big investments to achieve a small increase in sales. The second option is to look at operating costs and see where savings can be made. This reduces the bottom line and will result in increased profits even if current income stays the same.


One place where businesses can potentially make savings is with their water bills. This is a matter that many businesses don’t check in detail, simply paying the bill when they receive it. However, you may be paying too much without realising it. Water companies can levy many additional charges on bills, resulting in costs being higher than necessary. A closer look at the bill can reveal these overpayments and set you on the path to savings.


At H2O Building Services we are dedicated to tackling this problem for businesses across the UK. Our water bill validation service is used by a wide range of companies, including major names like McDonalds and ASDA. We work across a broad array of industries and provide the same level of professionalism and attention to detail for every single client. Our service is flexible and there is no need to enter a long term contract, so there is no major commitment involved.


The validation service is similar to a water audit in the sense that a member of our team will closely examine your bill to make sure it is correct. Unlike a simple audit, we will then liaise with the water company on your behalf to clarify the charges and why they have been added. It may be the case that some of these charges can then be removed, bringing your costs down.


Alongside the potential reduction in costs, an added benefit of our service is that it can help to spot water leaks. If your usage increases suddenly, it can be the result of a leak. The fact that we are closely monitoring the bills for you means we can get in touch as soon as we notice an unexplained increase. This means we can check the situation and ensure action is taken to repair any leaks quickly.