A leading UK water consultancy reports significant increase in requests for water bill validation services.

Water bill validation - H2O Building Services


H2O Building Services is the UK’s leading water and waste water consultancy reducing water and waste water bills for over 23 years.

Achieving outstanding results in terms of reduced water and waste water bills and negotiating refunds due to water company overcharging, also making substantial contributions to the bottom line for their clients.


Since the pandemic struck the UK H2O has seen a huge interest in its cost reduction services.


Businesses and organisations including the public sector are taking this opportunity during the lock down period to place over head costs well and truly under the spotlight, by signing up and commissioning water bill validation projects more and more businesses and public sector organisations are seeing significant savings going forwards, and also refunds due to historical overcharges.


Here are a few examples of the latest claims made by H2O on behalf of a few clients: –


Manchester based client – Annual savings £2,900 – refund £18.000.

Cumbria based client – Annual savings £2,800 – refund £15,000.  

Lancashire based client – Annual savings £5,000 – refund £28,000.

Lancashire based client – Annual savings £1,500 – refund £7,600.

Lancashire based client – Annual savings £1,800 – refund £9,000.

Nationwide client – Annual savings £28,000 – refund £148,000.


A further example of water bill validation is the case of a national garden centre business that received a back charge water bill of £43,000, a water and waste water audit was completed by the water bill validation team resulting in us be able to virtually wipe out the historical back charge.


Indeed, reducing the claimed increase in charges going forwards by 75 percent!


Tens of thousands of businesses, public sector organisations and charities are paying incorrect charges, with many due thousands in historical overcharge refunds.


So who is at fault for this mass over charging ?


You may think the water retailers?


Well the majority of the time no! and here’s why.


The water retail companies will charges customers in accordance with the market data CMOS which stands for Central Marketing Operating System and is the core I.T system that underpins the market operating companies role within the water market.


CMOS manages all the electronic transactions that are involved when non residential customers switch water supplier.


The system essentially provides customer account billing data which is used by the water retailers to compile water, waste water and trade effluent bills.


The water retail companies have internal billing systems that compile water and waste water bills for their customers.


The reason the customers receive incorrect charges and tariffs in most instances is that tens of thousands of customers water and waste water billing data is listed incorrectly on CMOS, if this bill data is incorrect then customers will receive incorrect bills.


The incorrect charging only becomes apparent through a water bill validation process by experts who are skilled in identifying incorrect charging.


H2O Building Services have the skills, knowledge and expertise to ensure you pay the correct charges and during these challenging and unprecedented times and H2O will only charge a fee based on the historical overcharges and refund / credit achieved. We do not charge for savings going forwards, that’s our commitment to you says Graham Mann, Senior Partner of H2O.


It is only right and proper to support businesses and organisations during this time and we will do all we can to support them.


So why not take a FREE water audit and see how much you could save !