Water audit report identifies a £7,000 underground water leak.

The water bill validation team identified the water bills for this tyre retail firm were £20 per day over budget taking into consideration staff levels.


As the water bill validation and bureau service also include for pro-active water management a water leak detection engineer was dispatched to identify the reason for the high water consumption and costs and to report back with findings. They were also to compile a water audit report with recommendations. An underground water leak was detection with pin point accuracy using a leak noise correlator as there was no audible surface noise.


A leak noise correlator is an electronic device which is used to pinpoint underground water leaks in pressurised water supply pipes. Acoustic sound sensors are placed at two points on the water pipe and the sound emitted by the water leak, say hissing noise between the two points is recorded on a hand held visual display tablet. The sound data is processed through a mathematical algorithm which calculates the time the leak noise takes to travel between two points. As the distance of the two sensors, depth of pipe, size and material data is fed into the system and a visual leak noise graph is produced on the hand held visual display unit the operator is then able to determine the exact point of the leak.


To view the underground water leak detection investigation survey report please click here: – tyrestoreleakdetectionsitesurveyreportexample