What Is Water Bill Validation and Bureau Service ?

What is Water Bill Validation ?

You probably assume that your business is being accurately billed by your water company, but these organizations are notorious for levying incorrect charges against their customers. These billing errors can mean discrepancies running into thousands of pounds, even for small businesses.


For larger organisations in particular, there is a need to continually audit charges and validate bills to ensure you are only paying for what your business actually uses. This can become a cumbersome task, especially if your business operates out of several locations. In this case, it’s recommended to outsource your water bill validation to a qualified third-party.


What Does Water Bill Validation Entail?

A preliminary water audit is the first step to ensure your water bill will be accurate going forward and to reclaim any refunds from past billing mistakes. Water bill validation is the next phase of the audit process and ensures your billing remains correct in the future. With the complex nature of your water bill and its many fees, it’s easy for new charges to become buried deep within the details of your monthly statement, where they will likely go unnoticed. Having a designated expert monitoring your water bills can give you peace of mind that you are only paying for the water services that you are actually using.


Spend Less Time on Bills

Water bill validation can make the process of approving and paying your business expenses more efficient and easier to complete. Your bills are validated by a third-party company before being approved for payment, and passed on to you as the client. You will never have to spend hours on the telephone resolving issues with your water company again. Having your bills validated also eliminates the need to dig through old paper copies of your bills and statements, since all documentation is available digitally via email.


H2O Can Help

If your business wants to take advantage of water bill validation, H2O Building Services provides exactly that service and with no annual fee. We provide ongoing checking, monitoring, and validation to ensure that any billing errors are dealt with quickly and resolved before payment is issued. There are no lengthy contracts, and your billing history is centralised and completely accessible in a digital format.


You Don’t Have to Take Our Word for It

Our results speak for themselves. We are committed to helping you get the best rates possible from your water provider. In some past cases we’ve had to return bills to water companies for revisions 5 or more times before it came back correct, but we always get the outcome that’s best for our clients. As a result, we eliminate millions of pounds in unwarranted water charges for our clients each year.


Just a few of the results that we have achieved for our clients are highlighted below, with many more case studies available on our website.


McDonald’s Restaurants – Water bills reduced for a savings of £250,000 to date


ASDA – £800,000 of savings in surface water charges to date.


Wolseley UK – Refunds and savings in excess of £950,000 to date.


Let us create a bespoke water bill validation service for your business, and help ensure that high water charges and billing errors are avoided going forward. Call us on 0845 658 0948 and speak to our team today to get started.