Water bill validation keeps your bills at the right level

When it comes to domestic water billing, there is a general acceptance that bills are unlikely to ever be accurate to the penny. Implementing precision billing for home use would cause disruptions, delays and significant costs that would not result in a beneficial change of value to anyone. Although the idea of being a few pennies under or over what was actually used is acceptable in domestic billing, the same cannot be said when it comes to commercial water use.


It would be fair to say that most of us don’t have a problem with a domestic water bill seeming to be a negligible amount higher one month, as we know that there has or will be a time when the reverse was the case. This is not true in the commercial world. There are many businesses operating in industries which use very high amounts of water in their processes, production and manufacturing. As a consequence, their water billing can be into the high thousands and more. Just because this water use is essential, they should not be expected to pay whatever amount the water supply company states is due. Water bill validation must take place, exactly as all other business costs must be audited.


Over the course of several years, we become the name trusted across the UK for water bill validation services. During this time we have encountered many cases in which an incorrect charge has been levied. Our auditing and measurement looks at both your current and your historical billing to ensure that the right metering and measurements have been correctly applied. In this regard, it is always reassuring to find that everything is correct, but in some cases we have found unacceptable overcharging running into the tens or even hundreds of thousands.


Our services in water bill validation are not designed to replace over-billing from water companies with another form of cost to your business. We do not make our services reliant on an annual fee, nor do we expect you to sign a contract for a lengthy period of time. The way we work is always determined by your specific circumstances and the unique position you are in as a business. With us, you have the certainty of knowing you’re paying an appropriate amount for your water bills.