Water consultants H2O Building Services commissioned by National Garden Centre to provide water bill validation and water management services

Blue Diamond Garden Centres - Water bill validation - H2O Building Services


Water consultants H2O Building Services partner with Blue Diamond Garden Centres to provide water and waste water cost reduction services through H2O’s proven and successful water bill validation service.

This has a focused approach to reducing costs going forwards, water and waste water billing data correction, demand management and remote water flow and demand analysis and reporting via remote data loggers.


This is a fully integral structured and focused approach commencing with uploading all the water and waste water billing data, compiling a water database for all sites within the portfolio.


Then a water audit will be conducted in order to check for any historical errors and overcharges, any claims for overcharges are made.


Then the focus is on reducing water consumption and waste discharge.


Accurate monitoring and targeting by means of remote data loggers which capture the water flow and consumption data, the water flow data is then uploaded to a secure server via GSM.


The data is then used to compile visual graphical displays and a numerical report from multiple loggers.

This system is the very best water management tool to drive down consumption and ensure any future water leaks are dealt with within hours to avoid impacting on bills further down the line.


It is in effect the client’s insurance against water leaks.


The last and final stage is to switch water supplier.


The clients water database is uploaded to the UK’s only independent transparent water retail procurement platform


The client’s data is sent out to all water retail companies in the water market. Those water retail companies that wish to pitch for the business submit their details confirming participation and at a prearranged time and date the process commences for 60 minutes.

Both prices and any supporting documents such as service and added value services such as water audits, leak detection and water efficiency are added, when the bidding closes the client then appoints a water supplier and contracts are exchanged.


“Switching made simple”


The most impressive aspect of the process is the client has full view of the entire process.


Savings and refund of £40,000 have already been achieved for Blue Diamond and as with most projects undertaken by H2O the average savings of 30 per cent or more are achieved, plus of course any refunds due to historical water billing errors.